VW eTransporter

83KW ABT e LWB 37.3kWh Progressive Auto

5 door Van | 2022 Model


• Up To 80 Mile Range • 0-80% Charge in 45 Minutes • 37.3 kWh Battery

Introducing the all-electric VW eTransporter. A vehicle that is hands down one of the most iconic models of all time. With over 12 million units sold worldwide, it is the highest-selling van in history! This exceptional piece of craftmanship has now been reinvented, as a new era of electric vehicle seems to be just around the corner. With thousands of vehicles turning to the evolution of electric, it wasn’t going to be long before the iconic VW Transporter made the switch.

The new VW ABT e-Transporter was the first all-electric van to go on sale in the UK. The vehicle has been produced & created on behalf of VW by the German-based company ABT e-Line, a manufacturer that has been specialising in electric vehicles for over a decade. The VW electric transporter has been equipped with an 83 kW (110hp) electric motor, with a 37.3kWh lithium-ion battery to replace the conventional diesel engine. This does somewhat reduce the payload to 996kg, however, the eTransporter has been homologated to tow up to 1500kg- which is impressive for an electric vehicle. The load volume of the vehicle remains the same as the structural integrity of the van remains almost identical to the standard combustion engine model. The batteries providing the power to the vehicle are positioned under the floor, meaning the cargo volume remains the same as the diesel model.

Rapid charging is equipped on the e-Transporter with DC capabilities, meaning the battery can handle 50kW of charging capacity, which will charge the battery from 0-80% in around 45 minutes. If you’re using a standard home charging wall box, at a 7.2kW charging rate you will reach a full charge in about 5.5 hours. The WLTP range for the e-Transporter is 82 miles, and unlike some EVs, this is generally the range you can expect from a full charge. However, like with other EVs, if you drive at higher speeds for longer periods of time, the range will decrease, albeit a speed limitation that restricts the van to 56mph is included as standard to help reserve battery range.

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Combined Charging System

The CCS socket on the ABT e-Transporter 6.1 provides a flexible charging solution, combining the ability to charge via either AC or DC.



Developed in collaboration with the ABT e-Line, a company that is considered a pacesetter for electric mobility for both motorsport & road vehicles. Replacing the internal combustion engine with an electric power train has the potential to greatly reduce greenhouse gas emissions on the roads.

VW e transporter


DC Charging

The ABT eTransporter 6.1 supports up to 50kW DC charging using a CCS connector, which means the vehicle’s lithium-ion battery can be charged from 0-80% in approximately 45 minutes.

vw abt etransporter

Favourite features

Large Cargo Hold

The ABT e-Transporter 6.1 provides up to 6.7 m³ cargo capacity. From the outside apparently almost identical to its conventionally powered counterpart, it is the optimal alternative for tradesmen – especially in urban areas.

vw electric transporter battery

Favourite features

ABT Performance

The ABT e-Transporter 6.1’s electric drivetrain doesn’t compromise on power. The standard 83kW electric motor packs 200 Nm of torque and can accelerate from 0-62 mph in 17.4 seconds.
vw e transporter interior

Favourite features

Security Settings

Available on the ABT e-Transporter 6.1 with a bulkhead, the new split locking functions keep you and your load safe and secure. The Postman mode is designed for drivers who are in and out of the cab often; it locks the load doors when the ignition is switched on and can only be unlocked and opened from within the van.


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